Test Shootings

Requests for Independant Productions

You are looking for a free photo gallery, the right model, or would like to shoot a few motifs for your new portfolio or video shoot? Then you ended up at the exactly right place. Many of our models would like to have new footage for their book and we as an agency are interested in being able to present our models with up-to-date pictures. Of course you can contact us directly, but you can also our board in advance to figure out who might be eligible for your concept. Furthermore you can sign up for our test shoot newsletter - this way you will be noticed, as soon as we suggest some of our models for test shootings.

For a test shoot with our models we need and expect the following:


as detailed as possible information about the desired type of model - for example hair color, gender, certain measurements, etc.

planned shooting concept - in the best case also with Moods

details of the organizational process - date, location, etc.

information about the team, i.e. website or work samples from the photographer, styling, hair and make-up

processing time should not take more than a month

collateral agreements and changed concept ideas during a shoot must be discussed with the agency before their implementation!

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