Paragon Model Scouts

Always on the Scout

Maybe the've already had their eyes on you. Our scouts roam around every day in search for that certain something. That grateful, rousing grin while eating icecream, that stunning appearance you can't take your eyes of, while walking through town or this one instagram story, that you just can't get out of your head. If you ever get the chance to be approached by one of our scouts, do not be shy and give it a shot.

How do you recognize our scouts?


They are friendly and trustworthy

They know everything important about the business

They own a paragon model agency business card

They have absolutely certain verifiable contact information

They would never ask you for immediate contract signatures

They would never take pictures of you on the street

They would never ask you to undress

They would never ask for any confidential information about you

You have been scouted?


You contact us by e-mail or by phone

You let us know who you have been scouted by

We invite you to visit us in the agency

Here we make polas of you and take your measurements

In case of mutual interest, we conclude a model contract

We create your modelsedcard

We take care of setting up your model book

We arrange castings and model jobs for you


Our Model Scouts


you want to be scout?

Do you have what it takes to be a model scout? Apply now!

Beware of false scouts!


Recently been approached by a model scout and are not certain how credible their offer is? No worries - here are some tips and information about scouting and how you can protect yourself from dubious offers. Whether it's been via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram or on the street, if you have been approached by someone who claims to be a model scout, there is no reason to be afraid at the moment. The bookers of our agency and also independant scouts are constantly looking for new faces for our portfolio. If you have doubst about whether this was a serious offer, always double-check and visit the agencies website or contact them by phone or e-mail. Generally, we provide our telephone number and e-mail address, when approaching you via Instagram or Facebook. If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to contact us during our business hours and we will take care of you.

You have discovered a fake account?

If you happen to be approached by a scammer, we would ask you to contact us immediatly. If necessary, we can take legal action and keep our industry safer.
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