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The city of many faces
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Why Berlin?

"You're crazy, my child, you must go to Berlin!" Quite the opposite of our head office in Hamburg - big, colorful, loud and fancy. Metropolis. No matter who you ask, everybody has a different idea of what or how Berlin really is. Every year, the hope for an aswer to that question attracts tons of people to the third largest city in Europe. So what does Berlin mean to us? In no other city individuality can be played out as free as here. Everybody can be as he likes, dress as he pleases and can reinvent oneselve on a daylie basis. Berlin is sexy. Berlin has many styles of life, lifestyle and fashion are intertwined inextricably here. For years, the internationally established fashion scene comes together twice a year for the Berlin Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in the germanophone region. Dreams are born there, especially among budding fashion designers. In no other place in Germany the density of schools and colleges in the field of fashion is as strong as in Berlin. Young talents from all over the world are flocking here to prove their creativity in one of the many start- or tech-ups, and to keep on revolutionizing the world of fashion. On top of that, there are more than 2,700 fashion companies, reaching from design studios to retailers.Location

We Conquer the Capital!

Paragon models are based in Berlin since 2018. We are still in the process of setting ourselves up and are looking forward to the chance of getting to know people with a passion for fashion and model business, who want to become a part of our new Berlin team. If you want to achieve something together with us, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us the usual documents, including a cover letter, CV, a photo, certificates and references, that represent you and your abilities. We are looking forward make your acquaintance!Application


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Our Team in Berlin


Finally in the capital

For a long time Berlin has been one of the largest fashion capitals in the world. In 2018 it was long overdue for us to expand paragon models with a head office in Berlin, to be able to maintain direct and personal contact with our customers and models. Get to know our team from the Spree!


Models from Berlin


Individuality as a Lifestyle

Berlin is not only Germany’s most international city, but also one with the word’s most diverse lifestyles. In hardly any other metropolis individuality plays such an important role as here. That makes it the perfect place to meet new and exciting faces or simply unique people. Convince yourself!
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What happens in Berlin?

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