What we are looking for


  • Age: Women 14 - 29, Men 16 - 29, Classic 30 - 49
  • Height: Women > 174 cm, Petit > 164 cm, Men > 182 cm
  • Clothing size: Women 34 - 36, Plus Size 40 - 46, Men 48 - 52


  • Age: > 16
  • Height: Women > 160 cm, Men > 170 cm
  • Additional requirements: great, interesting appearance, fototelegen, extroverted being, preferably different talents, such as acting for instance


  • Age: > 16
  • Requirements: In addition to a model look at least 5,000 followers on Instagram, Youtube or the like in the areas of food, travel, sports, beauty, fashion, lifestyle
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This is what matters to us - more than just good looks!


Apart from all the necessary physical conditions, we now want to talk about the so called soft skills. Everybody wants to work with people who are fun to work with, behave professionally and are uncomplicated. We want - probably just like you - a way of dealing with each other on an equal footing. Therefore a respectful and friendly cooperation is absolutely mandatory. Working as a model can pave the way for a lot of possibilities. A cheerful mind, friendliness, openness and simplicity are ideal characteristics to achieve that. However, these alone are not enough, as it will also take discipline, punctuality, team spirit and reliability. Certainly, not every day is going to be easy and sometimes there might be difficult situations, but we should always be able to rely on each other.

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