Taking polaroids

an instruction

Polaroids (polas for short) are up to date and completely natural pictures, on which you are not supposed to wear any make-up, that show your face and your complete figure. Polas should always include multiple images that show different expressions or body parts (such as hands). Therefore, we need a few different pictures of you, such as: A shot with a smiling and neutral facial expression, the profile (face photographed from the side) and of course a few full body shots. Make sure to shoot your photos from head to foot, from the front and from the side. If you have longer hair, we need additional pictures of you with your hair both up and down. It is particularly important, that you are not wearing any make-up in your pictures or at most wear a light day make-up. Polas can be done at home on a neutral wall with a digital camera or a smartphone from a tripod or with the help of a second person taking pictures. Choose a neutral background for your pictures and pay attention to good light conditions, is called sufficient brightness and strong shadows. Simple daylight and no direct sunlight are best for this purpose. Have fun doing polas! We look forward to your pictures.





Wide Shot

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