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Can I refuse a model job?

Yes, you can refuse a request if you are not available at the time or if you do not like it. However, once you have given us your 1st option or availability for this request, it will be binding until the customer has made his decision. If he chooses you, you are booked. Otherwise, we will release your option again.


What if I am still going to school?

Of course we will mainly suggest you during the time of your holydays. But be aware, most productions & castings are scheduled during the week. In particiular cases, the problem can also be discussed with the school management, in order to find an individual solution. Important at this point: Proper communication between the parents and the school.


Do I have to register a business?

As soon as we have booked your first job, you will need to register for a small business in most cases.


Do I have to invoice after the first job?

No, we take care of the billing. You will receive a model bill from us, as soon as we have filed the receipt. Afterwards we will transfer your fee.


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