Measure properly

How to avoid mistakes

For your application we need correct measurements of your breast, waist and hip circumference as well as your height. What you should pay attention to when measuring: The chest circumference, as well as your hips are measured at the widest point, whereas your waist is measured at the narrowest point. Also make sure to hold the measure tape horizontal. Whether for model or agency measurements are crucial for every professional booking. Arriving at a booking and not fitting the measurements will, without any doubt, reflect on your reputation, especially your trustworthiness as well as your professionalism. Therefore cheating will most likely never give you an advantage, but if anything will take away the opportunity to be booked again. To apply for our agency or a casting you will always need the exact measurements of your chest, hips and waist.




Put the tape measure horizontally on the widest part of the chest - not too tight. The best result you achieve with less or no clothing.



Measure not too tight and horizontal two to three inches above the belly button at the narrowest point of the stomach create.



Place the measuring tape horizontally at the furthest point your bottom - not too tight. The best result you achieve with little or no clothing.

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