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Do you want to become a model and feel like you have got the necessary requirements for one of our categories? Generally, for women, a clothing size of 34-36 with a height of at least 174 cm is to be expected; for men we are looking for a size of 48-52 with a height of at least 182 cm. The exact guidelines for our individual categories can be found further below on the page in the requirements section. Apart from the physical attributes, you should also have the right attitude. Being a professional model demands a lot of self-sufficiency, flexibility and every once in a while, the ability to endure some stressful situations. If you are also open-minded, sociable and ready to travel, send us your application!


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We will give you the answers to the most common questions we're asked, if you want to become a model.

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Model Wiki

Here at paragon models, you will find our extensive model wiki with all the technical terms in the modeling industry.

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Coaching required?


We support our models, influencers and talents with various coaching for catwalk, casting, social media, nutrition and sports - click here if you want to know more.Get Coached


Open Calls


Our Open Call is an opportunity for experienced models to get an impression of us and introduce themselves quickly and easily.

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For the time being we have not scheduled any open call dates, please check back with us later.